F O R T   T R Y O N   P A R K   F L O W E R S
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Fort Tryon Park – The Flower Capital of Manhattan – Posters

My new MTA-approved Flower Capital poster, installed in the 190th Street Station elevator, is vivid enough to brighten any wall! This high-quality poster is suitable for framing, or it can simply be displayed in a standard poster frame. This poster is available in two sizes, 18" X 24" and 24" X 32".

The original vertical Flower Capital poster, printed on canvas at 13" X 47", is also available. This vertical poster is durable and pinnable, and fits on just about any wall or door.

The result of eight years of documentation, these epic posters include over 1,000 photographs of nearly 800 park flowers, arranged chronologically by season in the shape and grid of Manhattan Island, plus images of landscapes, birds, and insects. Text provides information on the park's history, its significance as a site of the important Revolutionary War Battle of Fort Washington, and the park's Twitter claim to fame as the "Happiest Spot in Manhattan" :)

Each poster is individually printed on a state-of-the-art Epson 7900 11-color digital printer for maximum color fidelity and clarity.

MTA Poster, Printed on Ilford paper:
18 X 24 inches, $35. Includes USPS shipping in a heavy-duty tube.
24 X 32 inches, $60. Includes USPS shipping in a heavy-duty tube.

The original vertical version of the poster, printed on canvas, offers larger flower squares that reveal more detail for more browsing pleasure. Printed on durable Epson Exhibition Glossy Canvas:
13 X 47 inches, $45. Includes USPS shipping in a heavy-duty tube.

Payment may be made through PayPal to gmoses@nyc.rr.com. For other payment options, please contact me.

Thank you for supporting my effort to document Fort Tryon Park's incredible natural diversity!

Fort Tryon Park Flowers © Gabe Kirchheimer/gabekphoto.com